New Rollercoaster is to be Engineered at Blackpool Pleasure Beach

New Rollercoaster is to be Engineered at Blackpool Pleasure Beach

Blackpool Pleasure Beach Theme Park have released their plans for an exciting innovation. Amanda Thompson, manageress of the establishment has revealed the company will be splashing out a whopping £16.25 million to engineer their latest vision and bring a ground-breaking ride to life.

The development is believed to be well on its way to completion by next year and will be a double launch rollercoaster unlike anything else at the industry. This will be the biggest engineering and construction project at the park since the development of the Pepsi Max/Big One in 1994.

The engineering work will fall to Nick Thompson, brother of manageress, who has claimed he is ready to make his mark on the resort and hopes the rollercoaster will prove to be a delight for thrill seekers while being of huge profit to the park. As of yet no real details nor names have been released but the design process is thought to be firmly in the development stages.

The excitement of a new project is thought to help bring tourists back to Blackpool from 2018 and the Pleasure Beach are wanting people to visit the ride to be when it’s in the engineering stages to gain a full sense of how large the project is. The ride is thought to be something completely different from anything Blackpool has seen before and Nick Thompson has declared he will ensure maximum thrills are provided. He also claimed he has already been working with engineers and if he gets freedom of the project he would ensure a `garden of tranquillity` will be available as people leave the ride to create the illusion of calmness for riders after all the adrenaline and excitement.

Park Bosses have declared that name for the construction project will be revealed later this year and engineering will begin towards or in 2018 depending on architectural designs. The ride will feature two launches which will fire riders into high speeds, it will also interact with several of the existing attractions such as the Pepsi Max/Big One and is believed to even have a `high-five` pass with the big dipper.

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