Proteum is a Consolidated Marine Brand Which Has Joined With SC Group

Proteum is a Consolidated Marine Brand Which Has Joined With SC Group

Proteum is a consolidated marine brand that is joined with SC Group. The company was formed after MDS Marine and Bukh Diesel UK were both acquired and combined. Proteum works to distribute a number of different marine products as well as offering a range of different services to clients that are based across the UK and Ireland. The company works as Moteurs Baudouin, Bukh, Marine Diesel Sweden, OXE Diesel, Konrad propulsion systems, Steelhead Marine and MSA Marine.

The business has announced news that they have managed to grow the portfolio of products that they offer. Proteum has announced that they will have more to offer the commercial marine sector a they have recently been appointed as the distributor in UK and in Ireland for Moteurs Baudouin. This new distribution contract is not the only good news, as Proteum has also been added to the ZF Services UK supplier network. The second appointment took place at the Seawork event last year.  On top of these distribution agreements, Proteum is already the distributor for Marine Diesel, BUKH, Konrad Stern Drives and Cimco’s OXE diesel outboard in the UK and the EIRE.

It has been released that at Seawork, Proteum will be displaying a demo boat that will be fitted with a range of different facilities from the companies that they work as distributor for. The boat will be a JBT Ballistic 7.8 meter Rib and will be installed with the OXE diesel. There will also be a Cimco 200hp OXE, Konrad stern drives and BUKH Solas engines included as part of the display at the event.

Proteum has managed to build up a reputation for a high level of quality in the engineering services that they offer. Proteum works to offer repairs, spares and development from their facility which is in Southampton in the UK.

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