Saint-Gobain Weber Launches New CPD

Saint-Gobain Weber Launches New CPD

The leading manufacturer of innovative high performance products, systems, and technologies for the construction industry, Saint-Gobain Weber, has launched ‘Introduction into Flowing Floor Screeds’ that is free of charge and available on request.

A successful floor installation means strength speed, and durability, which are the exact qualities offered by Weber’s superior range of floor screeds. In the industrial sector the speed of application is up to ten times faster than traditional screeds and the fast drying properties allow forklift traffic or resin to be applied within 24 hours. In the commercial and residential sector, the products have been designed for optimum speed and a smooth surface finish that can be covered with a soft floor covering in just 24 hours.

The new content that is part of this CPD, argues Tracey Dempster, Head of Marketing at Saint-Gobain Weber, is essential for architects, main contractor, interior designers, and applicators, because they approach issues such as quality control procedures, the benefits of cementitious screeds over traditional screeds, moisture consideration, and acoustic flooring system solutions.

The presentation covers subjects such as the demands of the finished floor that will have an influence on specifications, the attributes of commercial floors, why and where to use floor systems, renovation, design considerations, fast track construction, and drying times. There is also an application video on Weber’s weberfloor 4310 fibre floor, which is manufactured in the UK and it ensures efficient availability and lead times. The product adds to the company’s environmental and sustainability policies, transportation costs, and reduced CO2 emissions.

Available in PowerPoint format, the one hour long RIBA-Assessed CPD offers those interested the choice to have it presented at their premises or at Saint-Gobain facility or Technical Academy anywhere in the UK. The Weber App can also be downloaded for free from iTunes or Google Play.

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