Terex Trucks Exhibiting at International Mining Conference, Mexico

Terex Trucks Exhibiting at International Mining Conference, Mexico

Terex Trucks have announced that they will be showcasing their excellent service at the International Mining Convention which will be taking place in Mexico. The Expo Guadalajara takes place in the Mexican state of Jalisco. Terex, the Scottish manufacturer of rigid frame trucks will be sending representatives to the four day exhibition.

Terex will be exhibiting at the trade show alongside their long-term dealer, AMECO. It is felt that Mexico is an essential market for the mining industry, and therefore it is important for the rigid truck manufacturer to have a presence at the Expo in order to make the most of the opportunity to generate more customers and develop new business relationships.

Mexico has a wide range of open-pit mines as well as underground mines that have huge potential opportunities for the truck manufacturing company and their dealer. The number of civil construction projects that also take place in the country also offers a market of opportunities for those exhibiting at the International Mining Convention. This trade show is well-known around the world and Terex has said that they are expecting to welcome new customers from Jalisco, Sonora, Chihuahua, Durango and other areas of Mexico to their stand over the course of the four day event.

Terex Trucks has developed expert knowledge in regards to the creation and maintenance of haulers. The company was first established in 1934 and has been manufacturing trucks ever since, developing their expertise. The Scottish manufacturing company works in partnership with AMECO and the company has managed to develop an impressive reputation in Mexico. Terex Trucks is known for the consistent creation of competitive business offers that benefit the customer by allowing them to lower the cost of their operations as well as maintain the maximum level of uptime for their trucks and therefore increase productivity levels. Terex also offer a range of aftermarket services to their customers in order to maintain the highest level of customer satisfaction throughout the life of the vehicles. A demonstration of this customer satisfaction is expected to dominate their stand at the International Mining Convention.

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