A Look at the Zero SR/S Electric Motorcycle

zero electric motorcycle

Electric motorbikes are on the rise as more and more riders start to make the switch. This is due to the improving infrastructure, a shift in motorists thinking towards eco-friendly motoring, an increasing number of bikes available along with Government action, including Ultra-Low Emission zones and the grant available for plug-in vehicles.

Zero Motorcycles

Zero motorcycles are a manufacturer that are pioneering the way in terms of electric motorbikes and the California-based company has an impressive 9 machines in its range. This includes the brand new and exciting SR/S bike recently reviewed by Carole Nash which has been highly anticipated and a bike that will appeal to many riders considering making the switch. This is Zero’s first faired bike but heavily based on the popular SR/F street fighter introduced last year.

The Zero SR/S is an exciting prospect in the electric motorcycle market. Head of Bike at Carole Nash, Mark Cooper confirmed this:

“This is a sign that electric motorcycles style is developing compared to the previous ranges available in the market, which will naturally attract a wider audience.”


Of course, the major concern that motorcyclists have had in relation to electric bikes in recent times is range anxiety which is an understandable concern. It is said that the addition of fairing will increase the range of the SR/S by 13% on the open road which should allow the vehicle to reach between 90 and 100 miles on a motorway trip and possibly further if ridden with care. Additionally, the improving infrastructure is making range anxiety less of an issue and this will continue as more charging stations are introduced and battery technology continues to improve.


The SR/S shares the same 110bhp/190Nm air-cooled electric motor and 14.4 kwh lithium-ion battery pack. This provides plenty of torque and instant power which any rider will get a real thrill out of while the optional Power Tank which will take the battery to 18 kwh for a 25% range increase – this could take the bike to 200 miles on one charge.


There are also a few other design changes which separate the SR/S from the SR/F. The handlebars are slightly higher while the pegs are lowered for a slightly different riding position while the rider and pillion seats are both deep and wide which allows for comfortable riding. The bike also has a range of modes to choose from, including sport mode which can allow for speeds of 125mph. Other modes include eco mode, street mode and rain mode.

Price & Coverage

As you would expect, the Zero SR/S is not the cheapest bike to buy but the grant of up to £1,500 can go a long way and riders need to consider the long-term savings that they can make by making the switch to an electric bike. It is also important to remember to arrange insurance for your new bike, this will allow you peace of mind knowing that you have protection in place and financial protection in the event of an accident.

More and more motorcyclists are starting to make the switch to electric bikes and this is for good reason. There is increasing pressure for people to start using eco-friendly vehicles in a time where environmental damage is such a big topic, but electric bikes like the new Zero SR/S can also provide a thrilling performance and will bring a host of benefits, including much lower running costs and increased range compared to other models.

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