Audi’s Push To Go Electric in 2020


More than 100 years after it was first founded, Audi remains one of the most forward-thinking automotive manufacturers in the world. Indeed, the German brand has become almost a by-word for affordable luxury and this year, it would appear they are finally taking a definitive plunge into the world of fully electric motors.

The brand’s E-tron range of electric cars is finally launching on the mass market this year and the reports thus far have been nothing short of staggering. Where more affordable electric cars such as the Nissan Leaf might have brought the concept of electric cars into there mainstream, Audi is connecting the dots for the environmentally-conscious luxury market.


Whoever said electric cars had to scrimp on style? The E-tron Sportback is a sleek and elegant 4X4 with a range of around 278 miles. Powered by twin electric motors that can reach 62mph in under 6 seconds, it’s a bit of a beast but has all the classic Audi looks that fans have come to expect from the brand.


The long-awaited new E-tron GT was set to make its public debut at this year, though recent cancellations of large events might have put the brakes on as far as that grand unveiling is concerned. Still, the car has been in the works for years now and shares a lot in common with the Sportback under the hood. The main difference is in those angular sporty looks and in the favouring of power over range that will ensure it’s one of the most talked-about new cars of 2020.


Taking the basic look and feel of their successful A3 hybrid and going all out on the electrics, the A3 E-tron will retain the front-driven layout and will also feature enough new technology to make it “the most advanced electric hatchback in its class.”

It’s worth noting that all three models are due to be released before the end of the year and will be available for leasing in the UK through ZenAuto, which is one of the UK’s foremost Audi dealers. Though the UK prices have yet to be officially announced.

By the end of 2020, it’s anticipated that Audi will also have released a compact E-tron model and by 2025 they have committed to 12 electric models in total. This marks a surprisingly major investment from a company that might once have baulked at the very idea of ‘going electric’.

But then, these are exceptional times we’re living through, where more and more drivers from all backgrounds are starting to wake up to the importance of their carbon footprint. Thanks to Audi, they will be allowed to go about reducing that footprint in legitimate style for many years to come and something tells us the very best is still yet to be seen!

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