Cox Automotive Shows Diesel on the Decline

Cox Automotive Shows Diesel on the Decline

Cox Automotive has recently carried out a survey which shows that nine out of ten dealers will be are planning to review their fuel profiles in 2018 because of the consumer uncertainties at the moment around diesel.

The survey was given to UK car dealers in order to obtain their views and sentiment. Of those who responded, 54% altered their stock profiles in 2017. However, 87% of UK car dealers have said that they will be altering their stock profiles for 2018. The majority of the dealers have also said that they have seen a change in consumer attitudes to diesel because of the uncertainty that has come to light around the fuel. 86% of those asked said that they predict that the uncertainty in regards to the fuel type will continue into next year.

The survey has been carried out by Cox Automotive, the world’s largest automotive service organisation, has been released after the announcement by the SMMT that diesel car registrations have fallen by 22% year-on-year this September. The reduction in registrations for this vehicle type has led to the overall reduction of new car regenerations for the first time in six years.

Cox Automotive has also reported that the Diesel market share has shifted downwards over the course of the last 12 months. This change is significant as diesel has a historically steady market share. The fuel held a 46% market share against petrol, which stood at 50% in September 2016. This year it has been shown that diesel has only a 40% market share.

September data that has been collected by has shown a similar reduction in diesel vehicles, as days to sell for diesel cars are starting to lengthen, and petrol cars have begun to sell quicker on average.

Although there is a change beginning, and more alternative fuel vehicles are being developed and appearing on the market. However, it is thought that, for the medium term at least, diesel vehicles will stay as an integral part of the dealer market in the medium term.

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