Cox Automotive Supports National Customer Service Week

Cox Automotive Supports National Customer Service Week

Cox Automotive has expressed their support for National Customer Service Week. The largest automotive service organisation works in support of a range of different clients including manufacturers, dealers, fleet and leasing companies in order to help their clients boost their assets by increasing performance and profitability.

National Customer Service Week is taking place this week, between the 2nd and the 6th of October. In order to support and celebrate this national event, Cox Automotive will be holding a range of activities. One of these activities will see three of their board members spending a day in the life of a team member. This swap should hopefully allow the board members to get a first-hand view of the role played by their team members in terms of delivering great customer service.

The activities offered by Cox Automotive will be taking place across the UK and will see their team members, which included board directors, taking part in a range of different activities that demonstrate the importance of delivering a good quality customer experience. The HR Director of Cox Automotive, Alison Fisher will be working alongside Manheim’s vehicle inspectors to collect cars at the end of their lease as well as completing inspections and providing a range of reports to leasing companies. The Marketing Director, Clare Field will be at the Manheim auction centre in Leeds. At the centre, Clare will be supporting the team carrying out inspections as the vehicles arrive.

Other activities taking place include ‘getting to know you’ team activities, pool tournaments, team quizzes and bake sales. At Cox Automotive, customers are at the centre of all of the work that they carry out therefore The company is therefore proud to support National Customer Service Week.

Cox Automotive brands in the UK include Manheim, Dealer Auction, Moveax, RMS, NextGear Capital,, Modix, CloseIt, Xtime and

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