Jaguar Land Rover Announces Autonomous Vehicle Developments

Jaguar Land Rover Announces Autonomous Vehicle Developments

Jaguar Land Rover has launched the latest phase of its autonomous and connected vehicle technology programme.

Although autonomous vehicle technology has recently experienced some tough times due to some high profile accidents, major manufacturers are still looking to pursue it for the foreseeable future at least.

JLR is continuing to make significant investments in the future of autonomous and connected vehicle technology and has now revealed its plans for real world fleet tests in the UK.

The firm will release over 100 research vehicles onto the roads over the next four year period, the first of which will be driven on a specially designed 41 mile test route of both urban streets and motorways around the company’s bases in Solihull and Coventry.

The first phase will involve the testing of vehicle to infrastructure (V2I) and vehicle to vehicle (V2V) technology, which are both key factors in future autonomous technology.

V2V refers to vehicles on the road communicating through electronic means with the other vehicles around them, which allows the autonomous vehicle and others around it to see a complete and clear picture of the car’s intentions.

The idea is to combine this technology with V2I technology so that vehicles can move around with more safety and efficiency.

V2I technology involves vehicles sharing data with roadside signs, overhead gantries, traffic lights and more.

JLR Head of Research, Tony Harper, says that this will help to improve the flow of traffic, cut the potential for accidents and reduce congestion.

Harper commented: We will also improve the driving experience, with drivers able to choose how much support and assistance they need.

What Harper is saying here is that drivers will still be able to control the car if they wish, but their stress levels will be reduced at other times if they want to thanks to the assistance of the vehicle.

Currently, there are four distinct systems being tested by JLR, these are: Roadwork Assist, Safe Pullaway, Over the Horizon Warning and Emergency Vehicle Warning.

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