Mercedez-Benz Vans Continues to make Progress for Electric Commercial Vehicles

Mercedez-Benz Vans Continues to make Progress for Electric Commercial Vehicles

Mercedes-Benz Vans has already announced that their plan to offer all of their commercial van models in line with electric drive. This electric offering will start with the mid-size eVito, this vehicle is now available to order, with deliveries expected to start taking place in the second half of next year. It is thought that after the production and delivery of the eVito is up and running properly, further models will be released from 2019.

The leading van manufacturing company has presented their holistic electric drive strategy at the eDrive@VANs workshop, which took place in Berlin. The focus of this presentation was not just on the van itself bit also on the technological ecosystem that has been developed by the company that will be tailored specifically to their customers’ business needs. This holistic strategy has been developed from five cornerstones in order to deliver an innovative total-system solution that will cover the entire value chain of commercial usage.

The new eVito will be the first production vehicle to have been developed using this strategic approach, with customer co-creation as a central role for product development and the integration of a strategic partner as well as their industry expertise in the development process. Mercedes-Benz is driven to deliver an extensive range of electric vehicles as they feel that it is a necessity for progress. This development is seen as even more vital for city centre applications. The holistic solutions that extend beyond the drive itself will help the vehicle manufacturer to offer a real alternative to traditional transport for their commercial customers.

The new electric vans to be produced by Mercedes-Benz are suitable for everyday use as well as economical and industry specific operations. Commercial fleets need to be able to meet the necessary transport needs economically as well as at a competitive price, and these principles will remain no matter what type of vehicle is used. Therefore, if electrification of a fleet is to compete with the normal combustion engines then a solution including the cost of purchase and operating the vehicles as well as the installation of a robust charging infrastructure and comprehensive service and maintenance management must be competitively priced.

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