Partnership Has Been Formed Between Exol Lubricants and Aston University

Partnership Has Been Formed Between Exol Lubricants and Aston University

A partnership has been formed between Exol Lubricants and Aston University as part of the career and placements programme. The partnership will offer students the ability to gain insight into the independent automotive aftermarket as well as the lubricants sector. This is good for the university as it has developed a contact that can provide industry experience for its students.

For the lubricant company, the collaboration with Aston University will allow the company to build solid relationships with the future industry professionals. It is also thought that the partnership will allow the business to promote the Exol brand.

Exol is a recognised user of the waterways and is also a leader in the oil and lubricants industry when it comes to investing in environmentally friendly alternatives for transporting large loads. Exol has a wider strategy to reduce its carbon footprint. This viewpoint is one that the Lubricants company is keen to promote at their new partners University.

Ashton University has a record of seeking top employers and other established businesses in order to allow their students the opportunity to develop and progress as individuals in a field that may interest them. The institution has recently been placed at number 2 in the UK for their teaching quality and expanding the opportunities by making connections like this one with employers makes Aston University an appealing option for prospective students.  Aston focuses strongly on the importance of work experience and aims to provide the opportunities to get 100% of their students involved in work placements by 2020. Relevant industry work experience is vital for students who choose university as now they are having to compete for places with people who could have gained a lot of experience through apprenticeships or other similar pathways. The placements that are offered to students by Exol Lubricants will give the students the skills that would be required to tackle potential hurdles when they graduate.

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