Rewire Security Updates Its GPS Tracking System


A major update has been announced by Rewire Security, one of the leading GPS Tracking systems suppliers in the UK, to its GPS Tracking software  GPSLive allows individuals and small businesses to keep an eye on their vehicles and assets 24/7, as well as viewing the real time location of people, assets and vehicles.

The update includes features such as trip log, detailed usage report, alerts and a new, user friendly interface, allowing businesses to identify the mileage of their drivers and tag them between Business and Personal usage, thus creating a complete record of all their tax-deductible and reimbursable mileage.

“For years we have been trying to assist individuals and businesses with improving the security of their vehicles, but, GPS Tracking is not all about security. It’s about gaining real-time visibility into your vehicle and assets. Our engineers have been working for over six months on the latest software update,” said Bilen Saribardak, Rewire Security’s Managing Director.

“We have improved the usage and functionality of Alarms and Reports to provide small and medium businesses with a tool for easily figuring out the real-time location and previously taken routes by the drivers in their fleet. The latest addition to our software –  Trip Log – makes it easier to distinguish between business and private usage of the company vehicles to allow businesses to identify their tax-deductible mileage easily. We are committed to continuously improving the performance and user experience of GPSLive,” he continued.

Alarms enable businesses to identify their drivers with risky driving habits and take necessary precautions; therefore it is important that they are easy to set-up and can instantly notify the employer of the situation via email, SMS or push notification. Speed Violation, the new GPSLive alarm compares the vehicle’s speed with the national speed limit of the road and notifies in case of a speed violation.

Moreover, Rewire Security offers a wide range of telematics and GPS Tracking devices for locating kids, Alzheimer’s patients, overseas cargos, bikes, motorcycles as well as cars, vans, and trucks.

GPSLive is an advanced GPS Tracking software – an ideal tool for fleet managers who want to be in control of their business and streamline their operations. Annual subscription for GPSLive costs only £20, and it includes one-year GPSLive web software and mobile app usage.

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