Rolls-Royce have Unveiled a Brand New Design

Rolls-Royce have Unveiled a Brand New Design

Rolls-Royce Motor cars, famous for their grand, luxurious and classy cars, have unveiled a brand new design. This design is unique and created specifically for St Richards Hospital Pediatric Day Surgery Unit in Chichester, West Sussex. The car will be the smallest Rolls-Royce to date and will allow the children admitted to St Richards to drive themselves along the corridors of the pediatric suite as well as down to the operating theater for their surgery. The pediatric Unit itself has displays to imitate traffic signs to accommodate the mini cars. This creation is thought to be an attempt to reduce the child patient’s stress during their stay at the hospital.

Rolls-Royce welcomed two children from St Richards pediatric ward to test drive the new cars at Home of Rolls-Royce. Molly Mathews and Hari Rajyaguru watched the stylish unveiling of the new designs and Rolls-Royce’s Goodwood Studios, as is the tradition for all of the company’s VIP customers. The exclusive event put on by the company serves as a reveal and final inspection of the vehicles before an official handover to the patients, families and staff of the Chichester Hospital.

In the style befitting the archetypal British company, the guests Molly and Hari along with their families were treated to VIP Hospitality as well as one very special addition to the usually exclusive event. The children were allowed to test drive the cars as part of the final inspection before the handover. Even with the most exclusive of guests this test drive is normally conducted by the company’s Chief Executive, who recently announced the production of a phantom 8. The honored guests and families were then driven home in chauffeured Rolls-Royce Ghosts.

The design of the miniature vehicle is finished to the same high standard as any other car made by the company with a two toned steering wheel and interiors which perfectly match the colours of the St James red coachline. With a top speed of 10 mph it is perhaps one of the slowest ever made Rolls-Royces as well.

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