The Advantages of Zero Motorcycles


Zero motorcycles offer distinct advantages when compared to the conventional petrol-powered bikes, including battery-powered propulsion that gives an especially intoxicating riding experience. Massive torque delivers a gratifying rush of acceleration, while the absence of noise, heat and vibration heightens the sensation of speed and smoothness.

With no oil to change, no fluids to leak, and no routine maintenance needed; service items like valve adjustments, spark plug replacement, and installing new filters simply become a thing of the past. Electric motorcycles are also surprisingly economical, with a total cost of ownership that is far lower than equivalent internal combustion models.

At the heart of every Zero is the efficient Z-Force® powertrain, which eliminates the need for the heavy and complex components found in conventional motorcycles. The Z-Force® motor contains only one moving part, is sealed and air-cooled, and requires no routine maintenance.

Despite its compact proportions, the motor produces up to 146 Nm of torque, more than you’ll find in any 1,000cc petrol-burning sport bike. The Z-Force® battery achieves the highest power and energy density in the EV industry and is backed by a five-year, unlimited-kilometer warranty.

Zero’s technology is also connected with the modern lives through a free mobile app available for iOS and Android that uses a Bluetooth connection to the bike to enable customizable performance parameters. Riders can determine max torque, top speed and levels of regenerative braking to suit their preference. The app also enables the motorcycle’s firmware to be updated remotely, saving time-consuming trips to the dealer.

Regarding the environment, Zero motorcycles produce no tailpipe emissions, create virtually no noise pollution and require none of the consumables like fuel, oil, or coolant used by internal combustion engines. Valuable energy is used to move the motorcycle, rather than being lost as wasted heat. Electric motorcycles also have the capacity to be powered entirely by renewable resources.

Charging a Zero is simple and convenient, as each one comes equipped with a built-in charger that turns any household 110/220V outlet into a “fueling station,” and the connection takes just a few seconds to plug and unplug. Depending on battery capacity, charging can take from a couple of hours to overnight.

From the national to local level, many governments around the world are offering incentives to those who purchase and operate electric motorcycles. While not all countries and regions have discounts or rebates, many are exploring such ideas or other incentives to reduce pollution or accelerate their economy. Zero Motorcycles works with organizations around the world to ensure that maximum exposure and benefits are given to this new industry.

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