Houston Airport One of the First Airports That Will use the Art Wayfinding System

Houston Airport One of the First Airports That Will use the Art Wayfinding System

Houston Airport appears to be one of the first airports around the world that will be using a stat of the art Wayfinding system as a part of their operations. Locus Labs have manufactured a new piece of technology that has a platform and tools enabled to act as a location aware navigation system. The system is expected to allow passengers the opportunity to gain access to an interactive map on any device or browser. This tool will offer navigation assistance for those travelling around the airport and will work by offering transit paths which will consist of directions for passengers from their original location to their destination in the fastest and most efficient way possible.

This technology has been created to offer text and graphic versions of the directions and the system has been named by LocusLabs as Maps Online. The navigational tool will offer searchable results as well as location information and a range of different points of interest such as gates, transportation and ticket kiosks.

This new system has been installed at Houston Airport as a pilot in order to test how the new technology functions. The lack of requirement of an app installed on the device is especially useful, as passengers go on the the browser page and have access to the tool, without having to download a specific application first. The tool is available on the fly2houston.com site, which already has achieved a number of accolades for the customer service provided by the site after its makeover. The accolades awarded to the site have come from industry specialists and this new tool will add another service that will help passengers navigate the airport.

The tool provides the passengers and visitors of the airports with a fast, up to date and simple to navigate feed giving those using the service the most current information and news about the airport and the services on offer there. It is thought that the maps of the airport on the fly2houston website are the most visited page, therefore the new navigation technology that has been developed and put into practice at Houston Airport should provide more personalised and up to date information.

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