Inside the Bombardier Global 7500 Aircraft

Inside the Bombardier Global 7500 Aircraft

Inside the Bombardier Global 7500 Aircraft : International firms heavily rely on business jets – and it’s fairly obvious why. Aboard a premium aircraft, company representatives can prepare for crucial events and meetings in complete comfort. With the upcoming release of the Global 7500 aircraft, worldwide transport manufacturer Bombardier promises a business flight experience like no other. 

Here, we explore what the jet has to offer… 

Behind Bombardier 

Bombardier has stood at the forefront of jet construction for over thirty years. However, its story begins way back in 1937, with the creation of the first “snow vehicle”. Built to ease road travel during Québec’s bitterly cold winters, it soon underwent huge development to become a leading snow motor across the world. In 1970, the company ventured into new travel territory, offering premium railway services for the first time ever. It wasn’t long until the firm took to the skies, of course. Since then, it has garnered a wealth of loyal customers, thanks to its high-quality facilities – and it looks set to advance the industry even further…

Record-breaking speed 

Speed is obviously essential when it comes to long journeys, especially if you’re travelling on business. You’ll want to arrive at your destination with enough time to relax before the big meeting or event, after all. Bombardier clearly know the value of using a high, safe speed in the air, as the Global 7500 illustrates. The Jet has already set a speed record for the fastest journey between New York and L.A, which was completed in just under four hours. This is particularly impressive when you consider that a typical flight between the two stops takes over six hours!  In addition to speed, the aircraft also boasts a record for the longest flight ever taken between Sydney and Detroit, Michigan. 

Perks for passengers 

Speed isn’t the only perk that the Global 7500 offers – it’s designed for comfort and performance in equal amounts. And so, it’s ideal for business travellers. The only business aircraft with four living spaces, it provides an open area for passengers to roam, relax and prepare for their big work event. Not to mention, the jet includes a permanent private stateroom suite, so that travellers can fly in complete luxury. Serving Michelin-inspired cuisine, it’s the ultimate in business aviation. 

Given its emphasis on customer care and quality, it’s unsurprising that VistaJet will be the first aviation firm to offer flights on the Global 7500 commercially. The company has long been renowned for its excellent services, from its empty leg flights to its wine program

The Global 7500 marks a new era for luxury air travel. With so many technological advances ahead, what does the future hold for this esteemed industry? 

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