Torqeedo Launches Lithium-Ion Battery for the Marine Market

Torqeedo Launches Lithium-Ion Battery for the Marine Market

Torqeedo continues to bring the best of automotive technology to the marine market with a more than 30% capacity increase for its Deep Blue lithium-ion battery with technology by BMW i. The new 40 kWh Deep Blue battery (i3-type) brings the latest in automotive-grade lithium-ion technology to the marine industry, offering an increase in energy storage capacity with no increase in footprint.

“The Deep Blue series of high-power electric motors are now available in 25 kW, 50 kW or 100 kW power ratings and in outboard, inboard or saildrive configurations. This means larger, faster and more types of boats can now experience the convenience and luxury of clean electric propulsion,” said Torqeedo CEO, Christoph Ballin.

“The 40 kWh Deep Blue battery not only extends the range of Deep Blue-powered vessels by more than 30%, it also provides plenty of storage capacity for all onboard needs,” he continued.

Produced at the BMW plant in Dingolfing, Germany, the high-capacity battery consists of eight modules, each with 12 storage cells. It has been tailored by Torqeedo so that it is suitable for the marine environment, modifying characteristics such as external shock protection and cooling. Torqeedo also continues its offer of a nine-year limited battery capacity warranty.

The new Deep Blue battery features an industry leading energy density of 144 Wh/kg and a comprehensive safety system. It can be charged up to 75% capacity in as little as 1.5 hours when properly equipped and with adequate shore power.

Torqeedo is the market leader for electric mobility on the water. Founded in 2005 in Starnberg, Germany, the company develops and manufactures electric and hybrid drives  from 0.5 to 100 kW for commercial applications and recreational use. Its products are characterized by an uncompromising high-tech focus, maximum efficiency and complete systemintegration. Torqeedo is part of the DEUTZ Group, one of the world’s leading independent suppliers of diesel and natural gas engines

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