Bowman International Chooses HP


A HP 4200 Multi Jet Fusion 3D printer was the choice of Bowman International, a leading innovator in bearing design and manufacture, for the manufacture of end use bearings, seals and cages. The HP machine, supplied by UK Channel partner Europac3D, will help reduce the cost of parts whilst increasing the functionality of end products and speed to market.

Bowman International have been able to develop a modern, bespoke solution for the production of their bearing cages due to 3D printing technology. As there are few design constraints restricting how a part can be manufactured, 3D printing has allowed Bowman to design specific products around the technology. As a result, its patented ‘Rollertrain’ cage technology is truly a stand-out innovation.

The Rollertrain Cage boasts a unique interlocking structure which uses the rolling elements to pin together each section of the cage. This revolutionary, design creates enough additional space around the circumference of the cage to incorporate two to four more rollers than comparative products.

“The Rollertrain cage combines the very latest in 3D printing with world-renowned materials science. Together, this offers OEMs and plant maintenance engineers a split bearing which delivers superior performance and longer product life, alongside simplified mounting and maintenance procedures – not forgetting less vibration and noise during operation,” explained Jacob Turner, Head of Bowman Additive Production.

Bowman have reported an up to 70% increase in the load bearing capacity of its split bearings and an increased working life increase of up to 500%. This is revolutionary for additive manufacturing as performance has been improved through the use of 3D printing.

“Bowman International’s use of the HP’s Multi Jet Fusion printer is illustrative of how the part production market is being truly revolutionised by 3D printing. The new HP printers are able to accurately mass produce bespoke parts which in turn can cut costs and speed up production times,” said John Beckett, Managing Director of Europac3D.

Europac 3D, headquartered in state of the art facilities in Cheshire, offers a full spectrum of services from the supply of cutting-edge scanners, printers and accessories to installation, maintenance and training of staff in the usage of 3D hardware and software.


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