Europac3D in New Partnership with DSM

Somos Tauros

One of the leading 3D printing, scanning and inspection establishments across the United Kingdom, Europac3D, has been appointed as a new business partner to world leading manufacturer of 3D printing materials for the additive manufacturing market, DSM.

The new collaboration sees Europac3D become the new Channel Partner to DSM, with responsibilities ranging from both sales and supply of the full range of DSM’s 3D printing materials, that supply the additive manufacturing market across the UK.

DSM are responsible for the supply of some twenty plus different materials to any manufacturer of SLA technology. Each material is designed to provide end users with a range of unique characteristics that are tailored to suit any application, from wind tunnel models across to certified medical solutions.

A huge benefit of using such materials is that they are open-source, and therefore can be used in the vast majority of SLA machines, for example in Uniontech’s range of additive manufacturing machines with ease.

Some examples of materials include:

  • Somos® Taurus – the first SLA material to be both durable and have the ability to withstand elevated temperatures. With a heat deflection temperature (HDT) of 95°C (203°F), fully functional parts can be created for applications that have more stringent high heat requirements for prototyping or low volume end-use parts. The material is charcoal grey in appearance giving it the look and feel of traditional thermoplastics. In addition, it builds quickly and is easy to process, clean and create parts with smooth surfaces, fine features and details.
  • Somos® BioClear – the material for printing clear guides and models with complete peace of mind for the client. It is ideal for small run, customized, non-implantable limited body contact (<24hr) medical and dental applications. Parts produced from this material are clear, host ABS-like mechanical properties and showcase a good combination of strength and toughness. The material is very accurate, meeting the high level of detail required in the medical and dental industry. It is also very resistant to moisture and many common solvents and chemicals.
  • Somos® PerFORM – the material of choice for applications that require strong, stiff, high temperature resistant composite parts, such as for tooling and wind tunnel testing. With the lowest viscosity of any composite stereolithography material, parts made from this material are faster to build, easier to post-process clean, possess superior sidewall quality and provide unmatched detail resolution.

Managing director at Europac3D, John Beckett, expressed: “These are exciting times for the 3D printing industry as DSM’s materials are set to revolutionise what can be achieved through additive manufacturing. We’re proud to have been selected as a DSM’s Business Partner and look forward to supporting their ambitions here in the UK.”

Martine Van der Ent, Sales Director EMEA at DSM added: ““Here at DSM, we have one clear goal: to unlock the full potential of additive manufacturing. Our company draws on decades of experience in 3D printing technologies, performance materials and deep application expertise to help manufacturers change the way they design and manufacture products. We are pleased to be partnering with Europac3D, who is a proven and trusted player in the industry in the UK and will deliver a best in class customer experience to DSM 3D customers.”

Headquartered in a state of the art facility, Crewe, Cheshire, Europac3D offer more than 20 years experience in the field, serving a range of sectors and more than 500 companies up and down the country.

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