Ab Ekeri Oy Manufactures New Vehicle for Alexanders

Ab Ekeri Oy Manufactures New Vehicle for Alexanders

Alexanders Removals and Storage has taken delivery of a new side opening 18 tonne vehicle from Ab Ekeri Oy. This new vehicle is expected to improve load and flexibility as well as the company’s speed and handling times.

Alexanders is one of the premier removals and storage solutions operating in London and has in the last year managed to successfully complete more than 700 removals in the London area. This removal work has taken place for clients with studio flats to the well-known Nash mansions in this area. On top of the removal and storage service offered for residential spaces, the company also offers their removals and removals related services for schools, airlines, private business and even the Salvation Army.

The company and their new vehicle will be on exhibition at the Movers and Storers Show in Lutterworth on the 8th of November. The new rigid-sided body features 6 doors that can open along the body length on the kerbside and are centrally locked in order to offer added security. In order to offer secure loading, the vehicle has lashing straps which allow for faster, more secure and flexible loading.

The vehicle was manufactured by Ekri in Finland and features a GRP-skinned body. The vehicle has also been manufactured with rear and side ramps in order to allow easy access for loading and unloading. With these features, Ekeri’s clients will be able to load 20 pallets or 5 of their larger storage boxes through the sides or the rear of the vehicle. There are no posts obstructing the entrance to the trailer which offers unrestricted access and a loading length of 8150 mm and a height of 2740 mm. The body that has been manufactured by Ereki for Alexanders offers loading flexibility as well as high security and speedy handling in order to help the company widen the scope of the service that is offered by the removal and storage company.

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