Aegg Creative Packing Released the News That They will be Investing £1 Million

Aegg Creative Packing Released the News That They will be Investing £1 Million

The packaging manufacturer, Aegg Creative Packaging has released the news that they will be investing £1 million in order to create a brand new manufacturing facility. The new space is thought to be 60,000 sq ft and will allow the company to manage the increasing demand for their products in both the UK and overseas markets.

It is predicted that the new manufacturing facility will be starting production by the end of the year. The output of this new space will be focused mainly on Aegg’s established range of PS, PET and PP food packaging. This type of packaging that is offered by Aegg is usually pots and bowls.

Aegg Creative Packaging first started operating in 2010. The company began and continue to be specialists in high quality injection moulded plastics, glass and ceramics. The company supplies packaging solutions to range of different clients, and their products can be found on the shelves of all of the major supermarket brands in the UK. Aegg is also being used more often as packaging for in-flight airline meals.

The company has made a range of different investments recently, including investing into new technologies, tooling and materials. The new facility is expected to offer a range of additional capabilities. There will be two phases to the new facility; the first will include the installation of five Netstal injection moulding machines as well as two injection stretch blow moulding machines with more machines expected to be added during the course of Phase Two. The second phase of the new facility will see the site more than double to 140,00 sq ft.

The new facility will allow the company to expand and it thought to be easily achievable as part of their expanding turnkey project management service. The company will also be offering an all encompassing provision for clients, taking them from a conceptual design through to the delivery of the product to the production line.

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