Are Hand Tools More Popular Than Power Tools?

Hand tool

Whether you’ve spent your lockdown doing DIY or you’re one of the 2.17 million who work in construction, you’ll no doubt at some time or other used both power and hand tools. But are hand tools more popular than power tools, or do they both have a part to play?

What are the differences between hand tools and power tools?

Hand tools are tools that require manual labour to move them, whereas power tools have a power source. The power source can be battery, air compressor, or electricity – which all have their advantages and disadvantages depending on the job.

There are some tools that have both a manual and power model, such as electric screwdrivers and screwdrivers. While they both do the same thing, there are advantages and disadvantages to both.

What are the advantages and disadvantages?

Hand tools – The main advantage of hand tools is that because they don’t use mechanical or computerised parts to move, there’s no need to worry about them breaking down. Because they have fewer moving parts, they tend to last longer too. And it also means they can be used anytime and anywhere.

Another important thing about hand tools is that the user is in control of the tool’s movement, and not the other way round. This tends to not only make them safer, but is useful for jobs that require attention to detail.

However, hand tools don’t tend to be as powerful because the force is only equal to the operator. Because of this lack of power, it often takes longer to complete a task with a hand tool.

Power tools – Power tools offer greater power and more accuracy because they move quickly and often have guides to make cutting more precise. It also means jobs are completed more quickly.

There are some power tools that are able to complete tasks that would be nearly impossible for a manual tool. However, because power tools require power – should there be a power outage or the battery run flat, there is no way to complete a task.

Because power tools are comprised moving parts, there is a greater tendency for these parts to break. Whilst power tools themselves are safe to use when operated correctly, there is still a risk involved.

Which are the most popular?

Ultimately, there’s a place for hand and power tools in everyone’s toolbox. Each tool plays a part to help you get the job done. Whether you prefer hand tools or power tools, they both require skill and expertise to use to avoid accidents. The trick is to ensure you select the right tool for the job.

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