Are You Struggling to Meet Your Customer Demands?

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Covid-19 has dramatically changed customer demand throughout the supply chain for many companies over the last few months. Effective planning processes are key to stabilising your manufacturing and supply chains whilst maximising profitability. From a high-level strategic demand assessment, right down to the detailed scheduling of a manufacturing process, poor or uncoordinated processes will impact customers through poor service levels.

Poor planning will also result in excess or redundant stock, reduced manufacturing effectiveness, resource shortages, potential quality issues and inefficient resource utilisation. All of this will impact company performance and profitability.

External factors can influence demand, such as: seasonal demand and promotions, competitive price pressures, obsolescence in material supply, availability of raw materials and internal resources, export and exchange compliance, or legislative rules. All of which can challenge your business planning.

Benefits of improved planning and forecasting include:

  • A better understanding of your service rate
  • A reduction in waste, especially with products with a limited shelf life
  • An increase in efficiency through your delivery network
  • The ability to identify how to improve your customer service
  • Knowledge of how to optimise stock levels and inventory turns
  • A detailed review of forecasting options

Here at Cedar Bay, we know that improving your planning can be a challenging experience, that’s why we’re offering expert guidance from our team of Supply Chain and Inventory experts. With proven methodology, the challenges you’re facing can be tackled and your opportunities realised. Working closely with you, we can analyse the key factors and make short-term and long-term improvements to your planning strategy. Why not get in touch with the Cedar Bay team for an exclusive free business review to help optimise your service levels. Let’s see how we can work together to reach your goals!

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