Split Bur Design

ATA Garryson Case Study; How a Custom Made Bur Gave a 2000% Improvement in Tool Life

An automotive plant, which produces 3,000 engine blocks a day, needed assistance improving a machining application inside the engine block.  The engine block has a small 40-degree angled cavity, which requires deburring on the exit side. It is located inside the block and is not accessible with a standard bur. The customer was previously using a steel brush that compresses through the cavity and expands on the inside. However, the brush only lasted for approximately 15 work pieces before it started to show signs of wear and premature failure.

ATA collaborated with the plant’s engineering department to develop a customised bur split in half from the head halfway down the steel body. When applied at the correct speed, the head of the bur expands through centrifugal force, enabling the deburring of the back side of the cavity.

The ‘split bur’ improved tool life by 2000%, lasting for 315 pieces before showing any sign of wear, compared to the brush at 15 pieces.


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