Case Study: Streamlined Quality Fuels New Business for Euro Precision

Euro Precision, based in Glenrothes, is a precision engineering company experiencing substantial growth. Manufacturing precision components to exacting standards, they work with customers in aerospace, medical, oil & gas and automotive.

The company recently produced large orders for a tier 1 German automotive manufacturer and the Joint Strike Fighter project. Such projects have enhanced Euro Precision’s reputation, demonstrating the ability to offer a one-stop service.

Additionally, Euro Precision has worked hard at reducing technical issues affecting efficiency, undertaking a programme of re-investment for continuous improvement. In particular, minimising failures that occur in large batches by addressing faults at final inspection that were previously sitting at 9.2%.

The Solution?

Euro Precision assembled a specialist team to identify inspection flaws. The company invested heavily in highly advanced equipment including an IM-7500 Image Dimension Measurement System from KEYENCE.

Before long, final inspection failures were slashed to just 0.8%.

Key to the success was the IM-7500 System, saving the company a substantial amount of money by cutting inspection times whilst improving quality levels.

Mark Ramsay, Production Manager at Euro Precision, explains: “The KEYENCE IM-7500 machine has proved to be excellent for our operators because it is easy to use, extremely precise and can check parts very quickly. We have been able to program the machine to minimise the risk of batch failures by checking more parts at a much faster pace and much more accurately.”

Mr Ramsay adds: “As soon as we had the demonstration and tested a few of our parts on the IM-7500 it was a no brainer, we had to have that machine! The unit has more than paid for itself in just 10 months and if we could have many more of these around the workplace we would do so in a heartbeat.”


Discover more customer testimonials here: https://www.keyence.co.uk/landing/lpc/im202103mem.jsp

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