Hewlett Packard Enterprise Will be Collaborating With BASF the Leading Chemical Producer

Hewlett Packard Enterprise Will be Collaborating With BASF the Leading Chemical Producer

It has been announced that Hewlett Packard Enterprise will be collaborating with BASF the leading chemical producer in order to manufacture one of the largest supercomputers. This supercomputer will be created for research into industrial chemicals.

The computer will be based on the new super computer range the HPE Apollo 6000. The computer will push on the digitalization of BASF’s research worldwide and will hopefully reduce computer simulation and modelling times. This new supercomputer should be able to reduce waiting times for modelling and simulation from months to mere days.

This collaboration will help BASF’s chemical research which is undertaken in Ludwigshafen. The project is expected to go ahead later this year. The work carried out on the super computer will allow BASF to research even more areas

The economy at the moment is all data driven, therefore the manufacture of more super computers that can perform to a high standard will be vital when boosting advances in sectors such as space exploration, biology and artificial intelligence. Making these super computers could boost any analytical industry as it will be able to work faster and allow for more efficiency. The manufacture of this new standard of computer will free up time for advancement different industries as the processing capabilities of the computer will be much better.

For BASF, the supercomputer will lead to advancements when running virtual experiments. The computer will also lead to a reduced time to market and costs. This is because it will allow the company to simulate processes on catalyst surfaces with an increased amount of precision. On top of this, the process for designing new polymers that have predefined will be sped up.

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