Contract Manufacturing 2020 by Hosokawa and Siemens

Contract Manufacturing 2020 by Hosokawa and Siemens

The UK based contract processing company Hosokawa Micron, together with the global technology company Siemens have announced a new digital technology project called ‘Contract Manufacturing 2020’. The project will boost the industrial digitalisation of the UK’s manufacturing sector with the help of Siemens’ open cloud internet of things (IoT) operating platform, MindSphere, and Hosokawa’s Gen4 technologies.

The project is designed to harness the business benefits digital technologies can deliver. In order to provide the intelligence required to further enhance performance, it is vital to capture, store, and interrogate operational data from across all production and processes within a business.

MindSphere platform offers features such as data driven analytics, remote monitoring, and secure cloud connection, which reduce the production downtown and associated maintenance costs, while quickly highlighting the potential for any production anomalies and aiding the competitiveness by allowing the company to get products on the market quicker.

It is a robust and affordable industrialised solution with configurable connectivity that will not only assist with our own contract processing performance, but also enable us to better support our customer base, said Iain Crosley, managing director at Hosokawa Micron.

Hosokawa and Siemens have been long-standing partners for a while now and together they want to enhance the country’s competitiveness and digitalisation. Ian Elsby, the chemicals industry expert at Siemens, said that Contract Manufacturing 2020 project is a clear illustration of the many benefits digital technology can deliver for UK manufacturers.

This is an exciting project and we look forward to securing the tangible and quantifiable advantages it will deliver for Hosokawa as the project progresses over the coming months. The solution will demonstrate sensor to digital twin models and highlight the advantage of digital technology impacting productivity in a positive manner, concluded Ian Elsby.

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