CP Automation, VASCAT, and Magnetek Join Forced

CP Automation, VASCAT, and Magnetek Join Forced

CP Automation, the supply, installation, and repair specialist, VASCAT, manufacturer of electric motors, and Magnetek, market leader of crane and hoist systems, have joined forces to provide a complete package of crane collision avoidance systems, motors, power delivery systems for crane original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), and radio control systems.

“Our partnership with CP Automation has evolved over the years,” said Jan Santaló, drives segment sales manager at VASCAT. “Alongside Magnetek, we are making it much easier for crane OEMs to source the components they require.

CP Automation already has a strong range of products and its work with VASCAT and Magnetek will provide further market growth and improved safety and performance. VASCAT motors can be integrated into new crane designs or used as part of modernisation projects. The advantage of these motors is that they are customised to suit specific crane applications. In partnership with Magnetek CP will also supply radio remote control systems that use a cordless unit to direct the crane, which means the operator will be out of range of load swings and potential drop loads.

“The partnership brings together the right set of products to support the current rapid growth of the crane industry,” explained Andy Swann, business development manager EMEA at Magnetek. “We are seeing more and more crane OEMs moving away from in-cab operators and opting for radio remote control. This safe distance means much more aggressive materials can be handled during a project, as well as providing the freedom of movement to gain better visibility.”

CP Automation was established to provide an independent maintenance service without exclusive ties to any manufacturer. It currently is a specialist in the repair and replacement of automation equipment including electronic boards, PLCs, and AC and DC drives.

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