Enginuity Launches Learning Platform for Engineering and Manufacturing

Enginuity Launches Learning Platform for Engineering and Manufacturing

Enginuity launched Engage, the first of a raft of new products that will help change the face of engineering, months ahead of schedule. With numerous world-renowned brands on board, the platform provides exclusive access to a wealth of learning content.

“Our vision is to be part of a movement to modernise and revolutionise engineering – to build a more dynamic workforce within advanced manufacturing and engineering,” explained Rich Dunning, Head of Digital & UX (User Experience) at Enginuity.

“We have some amazing partners that committed to the project in the same way that we did, and they pulled out all the stops. There’s nothing like a crisis to help focus the mind. It wasn’t perfect on day one – but it was up and running and making a difference to those that needed it most when they needed it most.”

As part of the platform’s launch, many of the country’s most cutting-edge companies, centres of innovation and organisations made content available for the first time, such as the High Value Manufacturing Catapult, the Institute of Engineering and Technology, EAL (Excellence, Achievement and Learning), Make UK and FutureLearn.

Engage is easy to navigate and offers support to learners at all levels. The simple chatbot-style interface guides first time digital engineering learners to their specific areas of interest to create a bespoke experience.

Together with Made Smarter, the platform curated two introductory courses on digital technology and its role in manufacturing and engineering, with content from Made Smarter industry partners, including Rolls-Royce. Other key technologies covered in the courses include data analytics, the Industrial Internet of Things, cyber security resilience, industrial and autonomous robotics and additive manufacturing.

Those logging on will also be able to become familiar with virtual augmented reality as well as artificial intelligence and its applications alongside machine learning, and throughout the learning experience, users’ understanding will be supplemented by a quick quiz to test learners’ grasp of the subject. 

More advanced learners are also supported by Engage. Beyond introductory materials, learners can continue their digital journey by enrolling in the Engage Academy on the platform to access some more free formal courses in the online classroom space.  

“Human computer interaction is a psychology not always seen as engineering – but definitions are changing very quickly – and Enginuity is helping to continue to make that happen. There are so many change agents at play in the 21st Century, pandemic, climate, Brexit – all bringing challenges and opportunities. As the rate of change increases, we have to offer more flexibility and fluidity to adapt our way of working to support the sector,” said Rich.

Speaking about the future of engineering, Rich also added:

“Engineering needs to be seen as a compelling career option for young people. It needs to be presented to parents as a compelling, meaningful and rewarding career option with a good salary and lots of fantastic choices along the way and lots of opportunities to change career path. Our future must be boarder and more inclusive, that’s what creates the environment for innovation.”

Enginuity is promising more ground-breaking innovations later this year.

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