Exol Manufacture new Anti-freeze Products

Exol Manufacture new Anti-freeze Products

Exol, the Lubricant and associated product manufacturer has announced that launch of a new range of anti-freeze products. The manufacturing company has been named in the past as Car & Accessory Trader Magazine Supplier of the Year and Express & Star Manufacturing Champion and is committed to delivering high quality management through the design and production of their products to their distribution and customer support. Exol is known as the largest independent lubricant company in the UK and has recently released a range of anti-freeze products.

The manufacturer has created five different products for this new line, which are suitable for a wide range of vehicles, from heavy duty to passenger vehicle applications. The new products are different colours to aid with differentiation and are Antifreeze HD (Green), Antifreeze HDX (Blue), Antifreeze SOAT (Lilac), Antifreeze OAT (Red) and Antifreeze OAT Universal (Clear).

The new anti-freeze products developed by Exol has been based on special OAT inhibitor technology and has been manufactured by the lubricant and associated products company in reaction to the demand for a product that can keep up with the evolving technological development of cooling systems in modern vehicles while also developing a product that can offer a long coolant operational life.

The new range of coolants that have been created by Exol feature additives that are required to offer protection to a wide range of vehicle types. These additives will offer the vehicles year-round protection while also giving a strong performance during more difficult conditions.

The launch of this new Exol range of anti-freeze products also serves as a timely reminder that winter is on its way. As the temperature drops it is vital for garages and motor factors to get prepared ahead of the winter season. Some of Exol’s new products offer up to -40C Freeze Protection, great for preparing vehicles for all possible weather conditions.

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