What to Expect in Manufacturing This Year

What to Expect in Manufacturing This Year

2017 promises some unique and impressive advancements in the manufacturing world. If Brexit hits as hard as many are expecting it is likely British manufacturing companies will seek new markets and in turn new products. To cater for such new investments companies will need to keep on top of new constructions and require companies to revamp their hardware and production lines.

If this becomes the case, there would need to be a significant upgrade in technology within certain companies. The question remains as to whether manufacturers are ready for such financial upheavals. Computer systems will need to be at the top of their game if they are not already, to avoid falling behind the rapid restraints ever-evolving manufacturing technology are forcing upon the modern world.

We can expect to see increased reliance on AI and robotics, although this has caused fear in many establishments it does appear many factories have already come to rely heavily on this technology. A greatly enhanced amount of AI infused technology is used by the manufacturing industry that aids factories in speed, accuracy and efficiency. Although AI is thought to increase, jobs are luckily unlikely to decrease. Instead job roles tend to be shifted from place to place and titles change so that valued workers do not lose their job but enter other departments where they are needed more.

There will also be a greater dependence on Enterprise Resource Planning Platforms (EPR). Within the past few years’ software designers have put huge efforts into the solution that is in many ways a one-for all solution in tech savvy companies. The EPR platform will be finding its way into the business if it is not there already, becoming the central hub for all departments be it reception or shipping.

Central computer technology is becoming more and more central to our lives and our businesses and 2017 will be not exception to this transition. Any manufacturing company who wants to remain in the competitive game must seriously consider potential upgrades and system access routes to handle any increase in the work place. This includes having sufficient memory to handle all tasks simultaneously. It is important to remember the future of manufacturing is not hiding around the corner, it’s not just up and coming, it’s already here and we have to dive right into it and enjoy all the exciting advancements that it brings along the way.

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