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Frank Blahuta, Managing Director of FBX Solutions, explains to Manufacturing & Engineering Magazine how the company is providing a unique service to help small-medium sized businesses in the manufacturing and logistics industries get the maximum value out of their facilities, whether through relocation or optimizing their current one.

Modern manufacturing and logistics companies are subject to continual change through expansion, restructuring, downsizing and relocation.

Executing such fundamental changes, however, can prove to be a huge headache for small-medium sized companies who may not have the manpower or expertise to put an experienced in-house team in place to manage the complex process of changing facilities.

But thanks to FBX Solutions, companies thinking of growing or relocating their business either now or in the longer term can have the expert support they need from the very start right through to completion.

Set up by Frank in 2012, the Blackburn-based company has helped several businesses to successfully manage new facility projects and subsequent relocations thanks to their dedicated facilities change management service.

And, as Frank explains, having FBX onboard will make the whole process run as seamless as possible to ensure minimal disruption to production.

Frank explained: “The engagement from FBX starts at the outset with a consultation with senior management to understand their strategic objectives and how the current facilities will need to change over time. We can then contribute to a feasibility study and assist management to build and present a business case for Board approval.

“Thereafter we have the expertise to manage the entire facilities change process to a successful conclusion. We work best in situations where we can become an integral part of the company’s management team for the duration of the project.

“We look at everything from the size of the space and how the business utilises that space, to the number of staff they have and how efficient the company runs and identify what they need for the future.

“If it’s a complete relocation, then FBX do everything from the assessment of available properties and applying for planning permission to sourcing architects, construction companies and, ultimately, the management of the dilapidation process for your old premises. Then once finished, we accept the building on behalf of the client and can hand the keys over to them when they are ready to move in, or plan and execute the physical relocation on their behalf.

“We also assist with the design of lean manufacturing and process flows for the new location which informs the overall design and layout of a facility.”

With the areas mentioned above making up only a small part of what the company has to offer, FBX Solutions tailors its service to clients to provide relevant expertise and support as a project progresses through its different phases.

So, if you are thinking of growing or relocating your business now or in the future, contact FBX on 01254 832582 or visit https://www.fbxsolutions.co.uk/ to find out what support FBX can provide for you.

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