Help Drive the Digitalisation of Manufacturing

Help Drive the Digitalisation of Manufacturing

A lot of the manufacturer’s processes are becoming automated, not just on the shop floor and warehouse, but also across almost every function found in any business, including finance, HR, sales and customer service. As systems are becoming interconnected, entrenched organisational silos are being broken down, most notably between information technology (IT) and operational technology (OT).

The software industry has started to move away from off-the-shelf, long-tail product suites, and is embracing bespoke, multi-tiered packages offered as a continuous service. Integrating such systems correctly and identifying where the true value lies is a considerably difficult achievement and the successful vendors are the ones that build teams that combine technical knowledge, consultant skills and first-hand experience of manufacturing.

“There are many professionals currently working in manufacturing who may be considering making a change, for a wide number of reasons. They may be looking at redundancy, they have hit a ceiling in their current organisation, or they may feel they have reached their limits in one industry and are looking to move into another,” explained Louisa Allison, Group HR Director at eBECS.

“These are highly skilled, deeply experienced people who are grappling with how to transfer their expertise to a more modern job market. There are numerous programmes for young people, but relatively few for people in their 30s, 40s or 50s. We can offer them the opportunity to develop new talents which complement their existing capabilities,” she continued.

eBECS is a specialist in offering total Microsoft Business Solutions, designing and delivering Lean and agile solutions globally for customers in manufacturing, distribution, services, retail, not for profit and other related sectors.

Having set itself ambitious growth targets over the coming five years, eBECS is looking to expand its core team of business solutions delivery consultants by offering a development programme to recruit new members.

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