How The Annular Cutter Can Improve Production on Hole Cutting

Karnasch Magnetic Drills

When you need to take your drilling to the workpiece or out onsite to bore clean and fast holes, then the perfect tool combination is the annular cutter and magnetic drill. Particularly when working on tubes and pipes (where twist drills can dimple the surface and leave behind burrs) the annular cutter’s hollow construction and multiple cutting edges distribute the pressure evenly, giving you a much faster, cleaner hole with no chattering and no need for pilot holes.

ATA Garryson and Karnasch offer a range of annular cutters to allow you to bore clean holes up to 200mm.

Blue-Drill Line

Equipped with the unique and patented DURABLUE coating, which makes the cutter more resilient even under tough conditions like overhead work or dry drilling. This makes the cutter last longer, saving you money.

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Gold-Drill Line

Gold-Drill Line annular cutters feature a special GOLD-TECH surface treatment and are made from high-alloyed HSS-XE special steel for drilling steels up to 40HRC. With high wear resistance and increased product life and drill depths up to 110mm.

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Using the right tool for the job always gives you better results, which is why Karnasch have developed the RAIL-LINE, which is designed to cut the highest wear resistant steels, commonly found in the Rail Industry, under the most challenging conditions.

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Silver-Drill Line

If you are looking for a universal cutter, then the Karnasch SILVER-DRILL LINE Annular Cutter range is perfect. Made from HSS-XE special steel and Step hardened with up to 7 different cutting geometries suitable for drilling of all mild steels up to a strength of 35 Rockwell (HRC).

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The proven cutting edge geometry of the Karnasch HARD-LINE carbide-tipped annular cutters ensures smooth running and easy machining of almost all types of steel. Even with materials that are extremely difficult to machine, such as hardox, titanium, inconel and steel (UIC 60), you get excellent results.

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  • Clean holes
  • No pilot holes
  • Increased production
  • No chattering
  • Less stress on your tools
  • Up to 50% faster hole cutting

For optimal performance, use with the Karnasch Magnetic Drill range. These portable and hardy drills can be used in any position – vertical, horizontal or overhead. Karnasch also have a range of adaptors and arbors to fit Weldon, fein and nitto shanks. You can also use these adaptors to use twist drills and taps, getting the most from your mag drill.




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