HTL Group Launches a New Square Drive Tool

HTL Group Launches a New Square Drive Tool

HTL Group, a global OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) and a leader in controlled bolting, flange working, and portable machine solutions has announced its new DSX Square Drive Torque Wrench Range. Renowned for manufacturing 100% British made controlled bolting equipment, the new square drive tool also demonstrates its commitment to improving safety standards.

The DSX range was well thought out in its design process so it can provide safety for height application. The Group believed that this range has the potential to reduce incidents from dropped objects due to its unique features, such as a fully retained, quick release reaction arm. It is the industry’s first tools that remains connected to the arm whilst it is adjusted. Additionally, it has a height connection point and safety handle as standard.
The DSX reflects HTL’s dedication to innovation and responding to industry demands with its continuous product development. It incorporates a high strength, low weight, slim-line unibody design that reduces operating costs and a multi direction stainless steel hose swivel.

HTL Group aims to drive innovation to meet the highest quality and performance standards, understanding that customer requirements are the key to it, therefore its highly skilled design team are always delivering concept, design, rapid prototype, and 3D models.

Mike Johnson, Group Director of Engineering, said about the company: Working in partnership with our customers, we continue to develop and solve their problems using the latest 3D technology. Our policy is to innovate and provide cost effective solutions while maintaining operator safety and the highest product quality to ensure our products meet and exceed our customer’s needs.

The complete OEM range of solutions is all designed and manufactured in the UK and are suited to all controlled bolting applications. It has its headquarters in Northumberland, but it strategically placed facilities all over the globe.

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