Leading Manufacturing Performance Platform Launches New Executive Focused Dashboard and Reporting Suite


Already a leader in machine monitoring, Thingtrax has unveiled their latest suite of functionality, specifically targeted at manufacturing leaders. Understanding that no matter what data you manage to capture from the factory floor, the Thingtrax team have identified that the key component of any improvement programme is the engagement of your people at every level of the organisation. This is a practice that must start at the top, and their new C-Suite Dashboard gives leaders the key information they need to ask the right questions to drive their organisation to the next level of operational excellence.

Gain instant visibility of performance and trends with real-time access to the metrics that matter the most. By providing complete and up to the moment operational and organisational data, manufacturers can eliminate information silos and preserve knowledge, see and understand their strengths and weaknesses, solve problems and seize opportunities. Driving overall performance with access to the right information, at the right time to make the right data-driven decisions. With features to standardise meetings, set objectives and streamline reporting, as well as operator apps to ensure effective action and accountability on the shop floor, leaders have the opportunity to enhance productivity, empower people and promote a high-performance culture that makes a real difference to the bottom line.

The Thingtrax platform is a complete solution designed to enhance all aspects of factory operations by facilitating the engagement of people at every level of the organisation, enabling manufacturers to embrace a high-performance culture so they can implement improvements across the entire business to become more efficient, agile and productive. Go beyond data capture to surface relevant information in real-time and provide actionable insight.


Find out more at www.thingtrax.com

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