Loadmac Announced the Introduction of a UK Sales Manager

Loadmac Announced the Introduction of a UK Sales Manager

Loadmac, the British manufacturer of truck mounted forklifts have announced the introduction of a UK Sales Manager. This new position has been created in order to expand the team working for the manufacturer and supplier. Taking up the new position is Matt Scott, an experienced individual who has spent a number of years selling truck mounted forklifts.

Loadmac is based in Ross on the Wye, concentrating on the design and manufacture of truck mounted forklifts. The company are known for the quality of the forklifts they manufacture and the 825iSR created by Loadmac is already a market leading product in Australia. The company has created the position of UK Sales Manager as they now intend on shifting the focus of their company onto the domestic market. Loadmac have been the only manufacturer of truck mounted forklifts in Britain. It is because of this that the company want to improve and build on their UK customer base.

By appointing Matt Scott, the company will gain a great deal of experience and extensive knowledge of the UK market and the product. At the start of the year, as another move to expand their UK customer base, Loadmac set up a nationwide dealer network. The new appointment of Matt is another part of the company’s growth scheme and role of UK sales manager has been developed in order to allow Loadmac to offer more support to their existing and future UK customer base.

Loadmac is a well known company and market leader in Australia, New Zealand and the US for the products that they manufacture in the UK. In the Uk, with Brexit on the horizon, a number of manufacturers are moving away from operating in the UK market, this means Loadmac has an ideal opportunity to fill the gaps in the market as well as develop their customer base with the manufacture of new products.

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