MasterMover Celebrates Its Record Year with Its Staff

MasterMover Celebrates Its Record Year with Its Staff

MasterMover, the electric tug specialist, rewarded its staff with a £1,100 Christmas bonus due to a successful 2017. The company has recently opened its first US office and it managed to expand its international reach in Asia, South America, and Germany.

MasterMover is the manufacturer of the world’s most effective electric tugs that allow a single pedestrian operator to move loads from 50 kg to 360,000 kg. Some of the largest companies in the world use them to improve the efficiency and safety across the manufacturing, retail, pharmaceutical, and logistics sectors.

It expanded its exports to 37 countries and it has invested in additional warehouse space in the UK, Germany and the US, while expanding the sales and service office in Ashbourne with a new part warehouse.

This resulted into an 18% growing of the whole business and a new performance in its delivery figures, with 17% more machines being delivered compared to the previous year.
Andy Owen, managing director of MasterMover, explained that they have built on the success of last year by investing in our people, developing market leading products, and creating efficient operating facilities which allow us to deliver the best solutions and service to our international markets.

He also mentioned that they hired 18 new members of staff, which allowed them to know their customers better, develop new existing range while creating their first automatic guided vehicle (AGV), and overall provide a better service.

The company’s objective for 2018 is to keep developing their product offering by increasing the AGV’s weight capacity to benefit more customers from various sectors.

It has also recently developed the PS3000+ tug, in addition to developing the AGV electric tugs. The PS3000+ features a Multilink technology that can move loads from 30000 kg up to 360,000 kg.

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