New £10 Million Degree Apprenticeship Manufacturing Centre at Warwick University


The University of Warwick have been awarded a £10 million funding boost that is set to create a new Degree Apprenticeship Manufacturing Centre.

With an initial capacity for a 1,000 students, the centre is due to open for the new academic year in 2019 and will be used as a form of educational delivery to those wanting to succeed in the manufacturing sectors.

Theresa May gave a speech at the Zero Emission Vehicle Summit, Birmingham, last month, and declared she was delighted to see Warwick University receive the funding. It is the belief of parliament that the new centre will focus on the high-value of Britain’s manufacturing sector. The £10 million investment comes as part of government local growth funding.

Work began on the new build in summer which is set to provide new laboratory facilities and space with flexible teaching areas that can offer advice to students, apprentices and organisations.

By equipping students with essential knowledge in a brand new facility, they can be assured they are learning the very best in skills that will equip them for a successful future in the sector. The Centre will have a particular focus on manufacturing, but engineering learning is being spoken about as a possibility for future use of the space.

The Centre will provide training programmes of up to Apprenticeship level 7, which is the equivalent of a Masters Degree level qualification. The students using the centre will all be apprentices within manufacturing companies and the building is to stand at Warwick University campus.

Young people are the future of the industry and providing them with the best possible learning experience is essential in order for both the student and the industry to be successful over the upcoming years.

The centre offers opportunities to those leaving college and those already apprentices looking to progress from level 4 to level 5 qualifications, and those who want to reach degree level certification.  


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