New Strategy at Burcas – Implementation

In order for Burcas Ltd, who is celebrating 80 years of operation this year, to progress to the next stage of growth, 18 months ago a clear strategy was developed and implementation put in place, maximising the skill base, approvals and all-round management and technical capability.

The company has a capacity range from small intricate components to large structural parts which is a natural fit for these markets:

  • Energy, Nuclear, Oil and Gas
  • Medical
  • Defence and Aerospace
  • Rail and Engineering

Organised leadership of the new internal strategy plan was fundamental, so a new highly experience Operations Director was appointed to lead the manufacturing organisation and to ensure that New Customer Integration was a major priority and that all pre-agreed and budgeted targets are met.

Capital Investment is also a critical part of our new strategy as we have identified certain equipment capable of opening new manufacturing and marketing opportunities for Burcas such as Helical Spiral Gear manufacture amongst others.

The Capital Investment plan also has a significant impact on the Companies well established Inventory Management – KANBAN – System, ensuring that adequate capacity is available to maintain the desired stock level whilst achieving the most competitive price for the component. This system is already playing a major part in the growth of the business.

The correct capital investment has also catered for the significant size range that we cover across our component manufacture, whilst achieving the ongoing individual market accreditation and approvals continue to be a priority

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