New Voice in the Manufacturing Sector


Helena Sans has been appointed as Barclays’ head of Manufacturing, Transport and Logistics (MTL) for its Corporate Banking business. Her goal is to support the company in becoming the number one bank to drive the innovation and productivity needed for the UK’s return to its place in the world’s top five industrial nations.

“In a world of fast-paced technological change, it is a thrilling time to be working in these three diverse industries, each of which forms a critical part of our economy,” said Helena.

“Having spent the past two and a half years as Barclays’ Industry Director for the Retail and Wholesale team in the UK, I have seen first-hand the positive impact technological innovation can have and the new opportunities it can create. I have witnessed how digital capabilities such as e-commerce and omni-channel have shaken up the entire retail industry, helping to enable differentiated and seamless customer experiences; something that absolutely has parallels with MTL.”

As many industries seem to have been hit hard, particularly the high street, by the changes, the answer to survive as a business is to innovate. Make use of the power of technology to drive greater customer experiences, sales, revenue and improve back office efficiencies. The control is in the hands of the consumer now, and not in the retailer’s; therefore they dictate what to buy, where, how and from whom.

“Over the coming months I will travel the length and breadth of the nation, alongside attending relevant events and conference, to meet and speak with as many of you in person as possible,” said Helena.

She will be publishing regular articles to help spread inspiring stories and highlight key trends, opportunities and challenges, such as skills and lifelong learning, diversity and gender disparity, access to finance, a modern infrastructure, and global trade.

“I will also be focusing on new emerging markets and how the UK can better exploit them; such as battery technology; an area the UK has already positioned itself as a world-leader in thanks to considerable support from government via its £246 million Faraday Battery Challenge research and innovation fund,” Helena concluded.

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