PP Control & Automation Secures Contract with Hedinn

PP Control & Automation Secures Contract with Hedinn

PP Control & Automation, the UK provider of electrical control systems, cable harnesses and contract manufacturing solution has secured a contract to support one of Iceland’s key suppliers to the fishing sectors. Hedinn will benefit from early-stage design support and electrical control system build for the production of its Hedinn Protein Plant (HPP).

The revolutionary machines provided by PP will make fishmeal and fish oil production on land or sea more economical and efficient. They have already been installed in Icelandic vessel Solberg and German vessel Berlin and are reporting 100% utilization of fish proteins and oil.

“We are seeing a significant trend in larger machine builders focusing on strategic outsourcing, in order to help increase production capacity, improve production and sales lead times and create a competitive advantage with respect to time to market and scalability,” said Tony Hague, managing director of PP Control & Automation.

“Hedinn is another example of the strategic partnerships we are looking to create and we are delighted to have secured a contract to play a role in delivering next generation machinery for the fishing sector…our first foray into this industry,” he continued.

Based on decades of experience in the fisheries and fishmeal production industries, the Hedinn Protein Plant has upgraded all of its conventional fishmeal plants in Iceland. Available in different size configurations, the HPP is a turnkey plant with transportable components ready for on-site assembly on land or at sea. It runs on electricity and steam, providing a clean, efficient and highly adjustable operation.

“This technology dictated a new partner that could provide advanced controls and automation assembly and design expertise and wanted to be involved from the start,” said Ragnar Sverrisson, managing director of Hedinn. “There is massive potential for HPP and our volumes will increase rapidly. This partnership gives us the skills, capability and capacity to meet the anticipated demand.”

PP Control & Automation has been in business for 50 years and it has grown into one of the world’s largest and most respected suppliers of electrical control systems and sub-contract manufacturing solutions to customers involved in the machine tools, packaging, printing, medical, pharma, scientific and food processing sectors.

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