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Profile: Could Safety Showers Be Essential To Your Workplace?

If you find that there is a constant threat of danger when working close to potentially hazardous & chemical substances, safety showers are an ideal solution to allow the potential danger to be suitably addressed. Safety showers are best placed near to the potentially hazardous area to allow anybody who finds themselves requiring attention to get immediate access. This is roughly 17m from the incident to follow the “10 second rule” of managing to find accessible equipment. The shower can be fitted with a treadle to activate from somebody stepping onto the plate before allowing workers to safely flush all corrosive solutions/substances that would otherwise cause personal injury without attention.

Empteezy has been manufacturing safety solutions for over 30 years and has always built products to the highest of standards, offering a 20-year guarantee, to serve the purpose of protecting workers on & off-site while being fully regulatory compliant.

The SE-VTS-1 Emergency Tank Shower is specifically for use where a constant water supply or adequate water pressure is unavailable; Fully compliant with ANSI Z358.1 regulations, this emergency safety shower provides a constant water flow of 75.7ltr per minute for 15 minutes from the main tank of 2000 litres of tepid water.

Power for the water heater can be from a mains connection or portable power supply such as; solar panel & storage device, generator or batteries.

Empteezy has over 30 years’ experience designing and manufacturing quality products. They are an ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 accredited company as well as having memberships with the British Safety Industry Federation and Scottish Engineering. They have also recently become a member of the Made in Britain organisation which includes the best manufacturers from all over the UK.


For more information and to get in touch with Empteezy;

T: 01506 403 309




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