Spelsberg UK Launches Electrical Enclosure Technical Expertise Site

Spelsberg UK Launches Electrical Enclosure Technical Expertise Site

Spelsberg UK, one of the largest manufacturers of electrical enclosures in the world has launched a new website that connects customers with industry experts. The site, www.enclosureanswers.com has been created by Spelsberg in order to provide a space for technical answers for all questions, from aspect enclosure and installation.

Making sure that the right electrical enclosure is chosen for a project is vital, and could mean the difference between making a profit and a loss. By selecting an over-specified enclosure, customers could be throwing away their margins, whereas selecting a poorly specified enclosure, the customer risks having to deal with long-term performance problems as well as warranty claims and worse.

The free to use website has been offered by Spelsberg UK as a response to the volume of questions they were receiving from customers looking for expert advice and engineered services. The company is known for being the largest ex-stock supplier of non-metallic electrical enclosures in the UK. Spelsberg is well regarded for offering high quality, standard and customised solutions with a low lead time. The website is available with no commitment or obligation required by the company to purchase products from them, in order to promote the public discussion of the solutions and offer more information for consumers.

Customers are asking more technical questions when making a purchase as a reaction to the recession and the savvy buying culture that has developed to make sure that money is not wasted. A wider variety of electrical enclosures are also now available, and the larger selection means that consumers need to make sure that they are selecting a solution from the pool of options that is right for them. In order to promote open discussion as well as an improvement of the information available, the questions asked on the site are visible to all site visitors.

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