The Countdown to Find KMF’s Young Engineer 2022 Has Begun

The Countdown to Find KMF’s Young Engineer 2022 Has Begun

Nineteen schools supported by twenty sponsors have taken KMF’s challenge to find the Young Engineer of the Year 2022 (YEOTY). The Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) competition raises the aspirations of budding engineers, so it’s only fitting that the sky is the limit for this year’s space challenge. 

Now in its ninth year, this annual KMF competition brings together year 10 high school teams with people from industry and higher education, to challenge curious minds, inspire innovation, encourage teamwork, and ignite interest in engineering careers. 

The challenge sees Year 10 students use cutting-edge high altitude balloon technology to design, engineer and launch their creation into space, track its journey and visually record the whole progress by presenting a video of the whole project and its flight. 

Once again, the search begins at Year 10 school assemblies across north Staffordshire, as students prepare for take-off with the KMF team and their dedicated sponsors. The best engineering minds form teams of “classtronauts” who’ll meet weekly to work on their project. The 19 school teams come together for a Sent Into Space workshop, at Newcastle Under Lyme College (NSCG Newcastle) in November, then again in March for a Science Experience Day with Staffordshire University. The missions into space blast off in May, with the accolades awarded at a July ceremony. Then we’ll discover which team flew the highest, created the most stunning images and videos, transmitted the clearest signal back to earth and who the KMF Young Engineer of the Year, 2022 will be. 

Since the YEOTY launch in 2012, 25,500 pupils and over 60 companies have taken part, with £1m invested to date. 

“It’s such a rewarding initiative to lead. The energy and commitment from everyone involved is inspiring and the fact that today, we have former YEOTY winners and finalists working in our business and achieving great things, is testament to its success. A huge thanks once again to all the sponsors, without their support and contributions this competition wouldn’t be possible,” commented KMF project head Jenny Johnston (People and Culture Manager at KMF).

Support sponsors are HSBC, PM Training and TL Dallas. Participating schools and sponsors in KMF YEOTY 2022 are:

  1. Alleyne’s Academy sponsored by Staffs Rotary Club 
  2. Alsager School sponsored by AEON 
  3. Biddulph High School sponsored by Staffordshire University 
  4. Birches Head High School sponsored by Rydale Roofing 
  5. Discovery Academy sponsored by KMF 
  6. Endon High School sponsored by Newcastle College 
  7. Leek High School sponsored by TRUMPF 
  8. Madeley High School sponsored by Newcastle College 
  9. Newcastle Academy sponsored by KMF 
  10. Ormiston Meridian Academy sponsored by QPS Print 
  11. Ormiston Horizon sponsored by Advanced Packaging 
  12. Painsley Catholic College sponsored by Capula 
  13. Sir Thomas Boughey sponsored by Internet Central 
  14. St Josephs College sponsored by Neida 
  15. St Margaret Ward sponsored by Hobb 
  16. St Peters Academy sponsored by Staffordshire University 
  17. St Thomas Moore sponsored by Michelin 
  18. Westwood College sponsored by F Ball and Co
  19. Ousedale School sponsored by BP Pulse 

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