Webinar: ATCx Driving Innovation in Electric Powertrain


Why Simulation is the Key to Deliver the Electric Transportation Revolution
Free Virtual Event | 30 March | 9am – 1pm GMT (10am – 2pm CET)

We are witnessing the development of Next Generation Smart Products, facilitated by the drive towards a zero-emissions world. These products are electric, connected and mechatronic in nature; developed across industry (automotive, aerospace, defence etc). The new beating heart of these products is the electric powertrain, consisting of batteries, gears, and e-motors.

This free-to-attend Electric Powertrain Virtual Event taking place on 30 March is a unique opportunity to hear how leaders in product electrification, including Lotus, Vertical Aerospace, Porsche, Terrafugia and more, are deploying the latest simulation technologies to inject innovation into their electric transportation platforms.

Covering topics from system simulation and thermal management to CFD and electromagnetics, with a continuous theme of performance optimisation; this free to attend virtual event will provide valuable insight into the creation of new battery, gear, and e-motor systems designed to power the electric revolution.

Featuring presentations from:

Why you Should Attend?

The event is a great opportunity to learn the latest developments in simulation technologies for batteries, gears and electric motors. Network with our speakers as well as Altair’s own technology specialists and take back ideas that can directly impact your business.

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