Würth UK – German Quality Trade Products for Welders, Engineers and Many More

Würth UK is part of the international Würth Group and has a vast product range to cater to all trades and industries. In operation in the UK since the mid-1970s, Würth UK offers a selection of great quality products and services for metalworking and maintenance professionals as well as all other trade professions.

Würth UK is committed to providing nothing but top quality products, with over 20,000 products available via its online shop.  Customers can sign up for an account on their website to begin shopping online, or place orders over the phone, through a sales representative or at any of their 13 trade stores located around the country.

Best Sellers

Many of Würth’s products have such universal appeal that they are favoured across many trades and industries. Below are just a few examples of Würth UK products that have proven useful to professionals in all walks of life, from metalworkers to woodworkers:

  • Ultra 2040 – Multipurpose lubricant, degreaser, water displacer, electrical contact insulator and much more
  • HHS 2000 – Adhesive lubricant ideal for greasing moving parts in machinery. Highly resistant to pressure and temperature as well as corrosion; provides noise and vibration dampening effect
  • Klebfix – Würth’s rapid-setting glue for metals, plastics rubbers and more. With practical dosing/dispensing lid for one-handed applications
  • Redline Stainless Steel Disc – Cutting disc for angle grinders, ideal for cutting metals and other materials. Long service life and high break resistance come as standard with this range.
  • Rost Off Blue Ice – Innovative rust remover that gets deep into corrosion and lowers temperature to cause contraction and breakup of rust.


The Würth Group are global leaders in fastener and anchoring solutions. Their anchoring product range for metal construction includes high-quality anchors such as anchor rods, anchoring chemicals and installation tools. Their anchor range are essential for installing railings, balustrades, floating ceilings and more.

All anchors meet German and EU certification for load bearing and durability and Würth provides documentation and installation instructions along with all their anchors.

See the Würth UK anchoring product range here.


In welding, no half measures are accepted. Safety equipment and well-maintained equipment are vital to welders in their craft. With this in mind, Würth UK offer a selection of essential products for welders and other metal fabricators.

In addition to gas welding products, Würth UK’s welding range includes welding tools for TIG/MIG arc welding such as welding wire, welding hammers, pliers and other accessories.  Würth keep welders safe with protective equipment such as welding helmets and goggles, breathing protection, hand protection and flame resistant coveralls, as well as screens and walls to protect beyond the working area.

Customers can explore their range of gas welding tools, arc welding equipment and consumables on their e-Shop.

Mechanical Maintenance – Food Safe Products

Würth offer a wide range of greases, adhesive lubricants, sealants and cleaners that are certified food safe by the National Sanitation Foundation.

All Würth products bearing the NSF mark are guaranteed to be non-toxic and safe for use in food-related areas. These products are also indispensable to maintenance professionals for cleaning of kitchens and food consumption areas.  Check out the Würth food-safe product range here.


Something for Everyone

Würth is renowned for its quality products that are relied upon around the world in all manner of industries.  One such example is the M-CUBE® power tool range which we recently launched.

For this month only customers are in with a chance of winning an M-CUBE® Power Tool Triple Pack which includes:

  • A cordless drill driver,
  • A cordless angle grinder ,
  • A cordless Hammer drill as well as
  • Batteries, a charger and a carrying case.

Customers must spend £100 with Würth UK online during the month of February to be automatically entered into a prize draw taking place early in March.  For more details click here.

Why not sign up to Würth UK’s e-Shop now to find quality products for your trade and to get a chance at winning your very own M-CUBE® Triple Pack!

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