Loadhog Designs new Hazardous Waste Container

Loadhog Designs new Hazardous Waste Container

Loadhog has expanded their operations in order to begin transporting hazardous waste. The company has won a number of awards for their transit packing solutions, and now has stretched into a new market that will be used to carry hazardous waste, including liquids. The packaging is a reusable container that has been awarded one of the highest UN certification available for this category of the market.

The container has a strong and lightweight design which has been created by the Sheffield-based packaging manufacturer who made the most of their in-house improvement capabilities and test engineers. The packaging has been created to be suitable for industrial and commercial use and storage. The UN certification has been awarded for the product by an external laboratory who carried out a range of harsh tests to test out that the container could withstand dropping and stacking.

The container is available in three different depths, and each of the containers have the ability to carry up to 45 kg. Featuring attached lids, the storage containers can be stored in a vertical nesting system which could cut transportation costs by 10% when returning empty containers. The lids that have been fitted offer more flexibility that the others being manufactured across Europe for the storage and transportation of dangerous goods. These containers are ideal for recycling centres and battery storage.

The containers have been manufactured in a hi-visibility orange polypropylene, with branding optional and a permanently attached red strap. The containers are 600mm x400mm and there is the option of 310, 365 or 400mm depths available. The packaging that has been manufactured by Loadhog is more cost effective than a UN certified cardboard box as the product is reusable with an inner bag and tie fitted that have also been given UN certification. The inner bag can be incinerated along with the contents of the units.

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