Profile: Waste Handling Revolutionised with Empteezy


In 1986, Empteezy was founded through the creation of the revolutionary auto-tipping skips. These skips were founded, developed and patented by Empteezy’s managing director, Bruce Wishart, who to this day continues to innovate and push the boundaries of waste handling and safe storage.

Multiple versions of the skips are manufactured and available through Empteezy today in the roll-forward and auto-tipping container formats.

Auto-tipping skips, roll-forward skips and auto-dumping containers are all easy-to-use while being a safe way to collect & dispose of waste. They fit most standard forklift trucks without modification, although modifications are available if necessary. Each skip & container is fully automatic meaning no wires, no pulleys & no climbing which could risk the safety of forklift drivers. They are ideal for transporting waste more effectively than the manual alternative of carrying waste and were created through the observation of transporting waste from inside a warehouse to a standard skip which was wasting time, money and resources.

The skips use an automatic lock mechanism. When the skips are balanced on a larger skip with a forklift, the bottom panel will open, allowing the contents to empty. The panel can then be relocked by applying pressure to the panel will force the latch back into place ready to be used again. They don’t take up much space and are highly mobile while remaining sturdy and reliable.

Auto-tipping skips & containers are often used in and for food production, automotive parts, production lines, general fabrication and general waste. Roll-forward skips are highly robust and suitable for heavy duty loads of waste such as concrete or brick rubble making them ideal for construction.

Please note that these skips or container are NOT designed for wet loads as they will often leak from the base of the unit and may cause overloading issues resulting in significant damage to the locking mechanism.

All skips are built-to-order and therefore, bespoke options are available with Empteezy able to manufacture to requirements.

Buy with Confidence

Empteezy has over 30 years’ experience designing and manufacturing quality products. We are an ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 accredited company as well as having memberships with the British Safety Industry Federation and Scottish Engineering. We have also recently become a member of the Made in Britain organisation which includes the best manufacturers from all over the UK.


For more information on the waste containment solutions, or even any questions about our skips & containers, please visit our website or contact us today at or call us on 01506 430 309 if you’d prefer to chat with us.

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