10 Reasons Why Engineers Make The World A Better Place To Live In


Engineering is something which is essential to a country running smoothly, being economically stable and improving not only itself but also the planet.

Sadly, there are many aspects of engineering that people don’t know or overlook. Recently researchers and engineers have been attempting to widen their skill field by exploring knowledge of those in rival countries and by educating the youth on their possibilities in the engineering and scientific sphere.

Here are some of the top reasons engineering is so inspiring…

1. Engineering has its own month!
In 2006 March was titled as national celebration of engineering month, before this it was a week-long celebration starting in 1992 and taking place all over Canada. March is therefore an opportunity for young people to learn about the disciplines of engineering and discover more about the field of work.

2. Engineering means thinking globally.
Engineering includes empowering faculties and supporting students to reach meaningful goals and advances in the vision of becoming global engineers. Thinking on a global scale is serious stuff, and engineers are helping to ensure our planet is a better place tomorrow.

3. Engineering is shaping the way we travel.
Not only this, it is shaping where we can travel too. New runways at airports, new technologies that can allow us to travel further and new innovations into plane craft and materials all link into where we can go and how we can get there.

4. Engineering is shaping the way we communicate.
Each day new technologies are being developed and revealed that change how we as a species connect with one another.

5. Engineering is changing how we exercise.
With new technologies that can monitor so much of our daily life’s it has never been easier to exercise and stay active. Engineers who specialise in fitness know what people want and when to release new software’s.

6. Engineering is advancing healthcare.
Every day researchers are hypothesising and developing new treatments for illness, such as potential cancer cures and treatments for the blind that are essential to the development of human kind.

7. Engineering is changing how we make and use energy.
Environmentalism is at the concern of everyone in the business so creating energy by the use of such developments as wind turbines is really helping to shape the world we live in. The largest wind turbine in the world stands in Denmark at 720 feet tall, with 260-foot blades and the ability to generate eight megawatts of power-enough to supply electricity for 3,000 American homes.

8. Engineering is improving the environment.
Tying into number eight, engineering really is having an impact on how we look after the place we live in. Energy efficient or energy aware developments are constantly advancing and this is exciting news in terms of political, social and moral issues people are engaging with on a more constant level.

9. Engineers push things to the limit.
Engineers know they have to continuously push themselves in order to keep up with the competition. They ensure they are at the top of their game, with innovative ideas and an immense amount of ever expanding knowledge.

10. Marie Curie, a polish French physicist and chemist who conducted pioneering research on radioactivity was the first person to win two noble prizes.
In questions of equality especially in relation to her time, this is a stunning achievement for not only for Curie but for the engineering world, proving they were innovative from the beginning.

There are plenty of fun and interesting facts on the field, the word engineer comes from Latin meaning cleverness, and engineers are thought to tell fantastic jokes (as long as your sense of humour involves wit and mathematics). The fastest passenger train in the world was the Shanghai Maglev with a maximum operation speed of 267mph. Despite what we know, engineering is always finding ways to enlighten us and we can’t wait to see what it reveals in the up and coming years!

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